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This site is the home of Khyber Armoury, an arms research and analysis hub. Our main focus and speciality is the arms of the Pak-Afghan region, in particular the indigenously produced arms of the region, most notably Darra Adam Khel. We are an English language publication and one of our core goals is to educate others on the actual realities of the firearms coming out of this region. We believe in on-the-ground, hands on information so all our research and analysis is conducted in this first-hand method.

Khyber Armoury is the effort of a group of individuals who have access to and work in or around arms in the areas we cover. The head researcher is Abdullah K. who also writes for and works alongside Silah Report, you can find all articles here with them. Silah Report is a well trusted source of information for reliable news on the arms of the Middle East, North Africa and Central Asia.​

All arms we have researched, handled or house in our reference collection is available to view on our Research & Reference Collection page which is coming soon. This page is where in-depth information on each item is documented along with clear images.​

If you wish to clarify anything or request more information on our work, please do not hesitate to Contact Us and we will be only more than pleased to help.​

Khyber Armoury is the only call for reliable information on the indigenous arms of the Pak-Afghan region!

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